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Just a little collection of my own photo tutorials :) ...I hope it helps you xxx

Happy Quilling!!! ♥

Two-tone beehive tutorial

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So you all know by now that the beehive is my favorite technique :)

I also know that sometimes, depending on what part of the world you are from, it is quite hard to find

specialized quilling paper like the two tone paper which basically has two different colors on each side ...

Well, here is the solution to your problem :)

As two strips of paper will be thin enough to go through your slotted tool easily , just choose two different

color strips and quill them at the same time :) 

This technique can help you create lovely shading effects in your quillling.

Happy quilling!



Little Flower tutorial

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little flower tutorial

This is such a simple but effective little flower :)

The more you make the more beautiful they look and the smaller they are the better. 

As you can see they are quite similar to Forget-me-nots just that I used 4 petals instead of 5, but don't stop here! Just put your own twist on them. They look so pretty in different colours too :) 

Just click on the photo gallery and it will take you step by step.

I used these to make some lovely wedding invitations for my very beautiful friend Karla :) you can see them here.

Hope you have lots of fun making these little darlings.

Lots of love,


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Copenhagen Snowflake

So this is how I took the Copenhagen star and incorporated it into my own design. :)

The Copenhagen Star on a quilling comb was created by Karen-Marie Klip and she has an amazing video tutorial here.

Tip: when you fold your combed paper (image 4)make sure to align the second loop on the left side with the last loop on the right side  . It will all make sense when you join all of them together :)

Hope you have lots of fun trying this and creating your own designs .

Lots of love,




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Angel on a comb

I love quilling Angels :)

I do quite a few different designs, but this one is my old time favourite. :)

For the comb, if you can't find any, you can also use an onion holder ... but watch out as they are way sharper. 

As you can see I do it with doubled strip just to reinforce it.

CLICK on the image to see all the steps.

Tips: don't forget to put a dot of glue at the bottom as you comb the paper strip, each time you go over, so that it will stay in place once you remove it from the comb.

Read my blog on ''Angel on a comb'' here.

Have fun !


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One strip, two flowers

I love playing with paper :) and I love paper beads ... the connection with paper beads here is the way you cut the paper strip :)

So this is a very simple project but with such beautiful results.

You fringe the paper strip and you can have two different flowers.

As you can see the difference is made by which end you start rolling the paper strip in.

If you start rolling from the narrow end you will end up with a spiky carnation type of flower.

If you start rolling from the wider end you will end up with a palm looking flower ... or a pineapple :)

Either look just as cool and can be used to create beautiful floral designs. Just let your imagination flow and go with it !

Happy fringing!




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Beehive Flower 

I love beehive flowers as they look so beautiful and intricate.

As you can see here, I used two shades of pink and green to define the outline of the petals and the leaves.

Dowels are very handy to use when quilling flowers as they give you perfectly equal size petals every time .

If you want to know more on dowels just read my blog on them here.

If you have any questions just ask.

Happy Quilling!


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Calla Lily 

I remember the first time I have tried to make these little beauties ...:) it was a long day ... :) I was trying to make them using really tight coils but it just wouldn't shape the right way for me ... I am still trying that now...ha,ha, one day it'll work ...but then I tried just using a piece of paper insted of strips , and after a few hours of playing around this is what came out ...and I can assure you they do look so real and are simply beautiful to make .

You can see one of my card I made using them here.

If you have any questions just ask.

Happy Calla Lillies making day! :)


Pop Flowers

I like the simplicity of this flower design.

I love curving petals on the needle. It's a little tricky at first to get them all the same but all you have to do is control how much pressure you put on the needle when you curve those tiny strips.

The possibilities are endless ...just play with your needle curved petals and create your own designs.

You can see my Clock I created with these little flowers here.

I hope this will help you make lots of beautiful little flowers.

If you have any questions just ask :)



Pom Pom Flowers


These are very similar with the normal fringed flowers ...just that they are done a little differently and also look a bit different ...You will have to do them so you can see the difference as it's not too obvious from the photo.

They are beautiful and can hold the shape a bit better than the normal fringed flower.

I call it ''inside fringing'' :) 

I first did this on really big flowers here , and I knew they would look just as pretty in the small version.

I hope it helps you create loads of beautiful flowers :) xx

If you have any questions just ask :)

Happy Fringing!


The Beehive 

The Beehive - one of my favorite quilling technique ,was invented by Susan in 2011, please find the link to her blog here.

As you see from my photos I roll the quilling tool upwards , but you can do it the other way too if it's easier ...just find the way that suits you most. 

Check out my LadyB on my blog as she has been created using the beehive technique :)

the beehive tutorial
Daisy Tutorial

Some of you have asked me how I make my daisies  it's really quite simple, it just takes a bit of patience and care . They are made using the paper fringing technique .
You can find the written explanation of this photo tutorial
Hope this helps you create lovely fringed daisies . 
Happy fringing!


Spiral Roses Tutorial

You all know I love my little roses and I got to make some quite some small ;) 

Here is how I do them ;)

I don't draw the spiral anymore as you will be able to see the pencil mark , but it's a great helper to begin with . In time you will be able to do it without having to draw it first.

You can find a cool little tool for this from Quilled Creations here.

The smaller the paper circle , the smaller the rose.

Tip: after no. 7 , when you rolled all the paper in , just let it unfold a little before putting the glue ...just so that the rose can take shape .

Happy rose making!!

If you have any question just ask xxx


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