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Welcome to my website!

Many of you know me as Quilling Owl which is my identity as a paper quiller.

Páipéar is the combined result of my love for paper quilling and creating beautiful paper jewelry.

I am mother to three beautiful children , Maya Ariel, Meera Rose and Little Rob who are my biggest inspiration but also my biggest distraction. 

I live in the most beautiful little village in East Clare, Ireland.

I grew up in the beautiful Romanian Plain , but I moved to Ireland since 2002  and the magic of this wonderful place is still as vibrant today as the first day I arrived .

I love cooking and having my friends around.


I started quilling in August 2012 after my beautiful sister Claudia introduced me to this amazing art, and I am pretty much a self taught quiller.

Quilling is just like meditating to me ... it wipes my mind clean and brings me peace.

I usually start from a simple idea and I just let the strips of paper guide me ... how they want to be shaped and what patterns they want to form .... I trust my paper strips! 

I work with paper strips of all shapes and sizes, from 1mm to 2cm.

I use different techniques to manipulate and shape the paper strips into the desired design.

I am learning everyday and I am still as fascinated by this beautiful art today as I was the day I rolled my first coil.

I hope you enjoy my work!

Mona Brezeanu



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