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Dowels are all about symmetry and perfection.

If you want perfectly symmetrical flowers you use dowels....

It makes it all so much easier and your flowers will have equally sized petals.

Just choose your size and roll your paper around it to create the outline of your petal .

You can then fill it in with a simple coil, some looping or your beehive.

And voila! The perfect flower!

beehive flower by Quilling Olw

Dowels are perfect for trying your hand at quilling jewellery as it helps you create beautiful and symmetrical designs.

You can get yourself a set of dowels like this one here... I got mine from JJ Quilling Design.


...or you can use anything you have around the house that can do the same job...

I used to use my wooden spoon or the cardboard tube from my kitchen foil wrap... :)

Here is another example of what you can do with your dowels ... I have created this piece

for a lovely little baby boy named Oscar.

Paper quilling by Quilling Owl

The more you play with them the more you will do just set your mind free and let

your imagination take over.

Go get yourself some dowels ;)



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