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There is a calming energy around me when I am quilling angels.... I guess it's that loving feeling that pours through all of us when we are connected to the divine...

I quill a few different designs of Angels, but I have to admit that this one is my all time favorite and it seems that people are drawn to this one too.


The first time I quilled this little Angel was as a gift for all my friends at Christmas time.

And because they all loved them I decided to show them to everybody.... and what a great idea it was!

People loved them so much! I knew then that I just had to keep quilling them :)

But there was something missing...and that is when I decided to put them in a box... and this is how a very special gift came to life :)


I like to think that every person that got one of my combed Angels or received it as a gift had a big surprised smile on their faces... open the box and there you have yourself an Angel !

I hope they bring Love, Peace and Protection wherever they go.

If you would like to know how I do these little beauties just click here.

Thank you all for visiting my blog.

All comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Love to you all,


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