Let's talk GSM !

Hello everyone! Ok, so let's talk GSM when choosing what paper / cardstock to use for your quilling. GSM stands for grams per square meter and is how the weight of paper/cardstock is measured. The bigger the gsm the heavier and thicker the paper. In my humble experience, this is what I found so far: 1. I prefer to work with standard 80 or 90 gsm paper (stationary or copier paper) when it comes to techniques such as the beehive or traditional quilling shapes. 2 My absolute favorite type of paper to work with is 120-130 gsm as it is just that bit thicker and it works great for simple, clean line quilling, outlining or for really beautifully defined coils. I find it easier to shape and it holds it's shape better. It is also very easy to glue down as is just that bit thicker than the standard quilling paper. 3. Anything above 130 gsm is great for outlining and creating waves or swirls but I wouldn't recommend thick card stock for traditional quilling as is just too rigid and even when I try to condition it by running my nail down on the strip is still cracks when I roll it on a pin or quilling tool. And that's about all I can tell you about paper GSM . There are many types of paper in many weights . Just try as many as you can and find what works best for you.

Ps: please bare in mind that I am no expert when it comes to paper or card stock. This is just my own experience, so if you know better please feel free to share your knowledge .

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