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Who is Quilling Owl

You will see the Quilling Owl watermark on many of my old photos so just in case you were wondering... Quilling Owl was my first identity as a paper quiller and is how the world of paper artists got to know me by. 

I really like owls and that is how the Quilling Owl name came about.

However, my love for paper doesn't just stop at quilling . I also love making beautiful paper jewelry using different types of paper and techniques, paper sculptures and so on .

Therefor, when I decided to turn my paper passion into a business  the new name PÁIPÉAR ( which means paper in Irish ) just seemed perfect.  So whether you see PÁIPÉAR or QUILLING OWL , it's still me , yours truly,Mona Brezeanu.

Mona Brezeanu PÁIPÉAR

Quilling is just like meditating to me ... it wipes my mind clean and brings me peace.

I usually start from a simple idea and I just let the strips of paper guide me ... how they want to be shaped and what patterns they want to form .... I trust my paper strips! 

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Mona Brezeanu.

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