My love for old

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Hello everyone,

I do love everything old... old people, old houses, old books, old music...

It's the heritage ... the history behind everything old ... there is always a story to tell or imagine.

When I read an old book I imagine the writer in his or her time, and with this, another story emerges .

My love and admiration for antique quilling is very profound and I have always wanted to create something inspired by it, but never quite found the right canvas...

But then I found an old book that was just about to be thrown away and I decided it was time to try.

So I carved the book into a box and then I stared at antique quillings for days before I switched off all technology and started on my own design.

You will find elements of antique quilling in this piece but it is entirely my own creation.

I hope you enjoy it.



I would like to think that, in time, someone will hold this jewelry box and think back and try to imagine me in my times.

Thank you for reading my blog and please feel free to leave your comments bellow .



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