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Chiyogami Paper & 14k gold filled earrings

Chiyogami Paper & 14k gold filled earrings


Japanese chiyogami paper and 14k gold filled handmade earrings

Chiyogami is an exquisite hand screen printed paper from Japan. The fine detail and lustre of these sheets is unrivalled.I create the paper beads by carefully cutting the paper into different size strips which I then roll into a bead .I then gently varnish the beads by hand to help make them water resistant. I have combined them with some recycled paper beads. The ear wire is gently hand formed from 14k gold filled wire.These earrings are very light and easy to wear.They come nicely packed into a luxurious jewelry box with a little note on how to look after your earrings.Due to the fact that the pattern on the paper is not symmetrical , the earrings you receive will differ slightly from those shown in the pictures, however the color mix will remain the same.The colours may vary slightly due to different screen settings.

  • Caring for your earrings

    Looking after your earrings:
    I varnish all my paper beads by hand with a water based medium, which makes them water resistant. However,they are not waterproof. While they will be ok if you get caught in the rain, I would not recommend going swimming with them. It is best if you can avoid getting them wet.
    Depending on the air conditions where you live, the wire might sometime produce some oxidation. If that were to happen just a soft cloth and a gentle rub should be enough to bring them back to shine.

  • Shipping

    All my jewelry is shipped by registered post which is trackable and insured.

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